Thursday 11 April 2024

'Eugy Red Fox' (Montly Minikit)

A couple of years ago, we were looking for stocking-fillers for The Childs, and spotted these rather nice kits.  One apiece for them, and me and Amy picked up one apiece for ourselves.

It sat in a draw for a while, then came a night where I was feeling rather ill, recovering from a hospital procedure, and out came the kit.

It's nicely presented and designed.

Lovely clear-cut parts too.

Very little flash and tabs holding the parts onto the sprues.

Well designed in terms of what goes where and what order.

The kit came with this glue, which did a nice job of attaching the parts.

The parts are slightly matt-textured, and the glue bonds well.

A nice touch; alternate parts if you don't want the logo of the manufacturing company displayed.

Whilst most of the kit is card, the eyes are plastic.


I fancied getting some of the pics out in the countryside, and so took the little fox up to Wales with me.

I really liked this kit; to the point I've bought a few more.  They're calming to build, don't need too much thought as they practically fall together, and look really nice when they're done.

Slightly clumsy, but yes, the comic is expanding a bit... Arf, one of the regular characters I have been doodling in sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, and on walls since 2003, is now back :)

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