Saturday 20 April 2024

A Yellow Ruston (Garden Railway Saturday)

Going back again a few years, and having built a photoplank for my growing fleet of garden railway stock (more on which in another post), I thought I'd build myself a contractors-type locomotive and some matching stock to go on it so I could get some pics.  I figured it might look nice pottering around the garden railway eventually too, and it would make a neat, contained little build.

The starting point was a pair of Triang 'Big Big' Ruston diesel shunters; this one was in good nick and was sold on, a slightly knackered second one was used as the basis for this build.

As modifications go, it was pretty simple once the wheels has been re-gauged to 45mm.  Very much thrown together from scraps, odds and ends.

It was already in black livery (from its use in the Engine Shed project), and the original intention was to retain this.

Very simple drivers cab.

For the rolling stock, I turned once again to the ever-reliable Binnie kits of tipper wagons.

A quick dusting of brown on the chassis, though annoyingly it was a bit glossy.

The train on the finished photoplank.

Freelance as it is, I like to think it captures the character of a simple, industrial machine.  And as a battery-powered, simple machine (no remote control here) it would do the job for a test train.

As I said, more on the photoplank in a future post.


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