Wednesday 17 April 2024

Anderson Day 2024; Final Pic

Poor weather scuppered the planned location shoot with the Angels, so with a day to spare, and the second, larger Imai Angel built, I threw together a set using cotton wool, my backdrop boards, and a mini camera tripod.

I quickly realised I'd be using my phone, but it would look a bit more dynamic with a slightly fisheye setting.

I'd be using the camera rig designed for the location shoot, to have the two Angel jets flying.

After a few shots, I thought I'd create the effect of more action, using the smaller Angels.  It also helped disguise that they were considerably overscale for Cloudbase.

Ths use of the phone and the camera rig meant there were possibilities for some really action-based shots.

A bit more play, this time having Amy holding some more cotton wool near the lens to create a 'flying through clouds' effect.

I also tried playing with the colours and adding a bit of noise to make it look more like 60's film stock.

Given the many, many problems with the whole project, I ended up really enjoying how the pics came out, and to be honest, the studio shoot was probably more in line with how the 60's series looked anyway.  If I can acquire replacement canopies or mouldings for the Airfix Angels, they'll be done, and I'm going to be more prepared for next year; I have a rather more modern kit of Thunderbird One and the Fireflash airliner up in the loft ready to build over the winter...  For now though, Spectrum is Green.



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