Tuesday 10 October 2017

Jabberwock Pt.5: The Iron Horse

Having struggled with the concept with the building of the Airfix Monster, I decided to return to an earlier piece, and the Iron Horse from the earlier Steampunk project I did.  The concept behind it was that in Britannia, circa late 1800’s, these road-locomotives would have replaced traditional horses (in the all-consuming enthusiastic rush to embrace any ‘modern’ technology, regardless of the practicalities).  They are basically steam locos with caterpillar tracks, more like steam tractors than anything, but the horse parts are decorative flourishes to disguise the machinery.  Victorian tech tended to be a bit more decorative in any case, so no problem there.

There was also a variant designed, but not produced, for a military version, which had elements which could be contributed at any rate...

A sketch developing the idea of the Iron Horse from the earlier project, in the context of this new brief...

So this isn’t technically a build in so much as a rebuild, or to be totally accurate, mending the bits which snapped off when the model tumbled off a windowsill then got put in storage for a couple of years.  I really need to get some sort of proper storage or display facility set up for this kind of thing…

The model was refurbished and detailed with a few new bits, and given a spruce-up and a bit of new paint.

As a design I’m quite happy with it, and the concept fits in with the criteria drawn up for the Jabberwock
Its relatively compact too, so easier to build and transport

For all of the above, its not very monster-ish, or intimidating.  I reckoned though it might be a handy starting point for the project.

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