Tuesday 10 October 2017

Jabberwock Pt.19: The Cheshire Cat

Before I get onto the building of the actual Steampunk Jabberwock, I'll just mention a couple of other bits constructed for the wider exhibition, alongside the main build.

With the exhibition nearing, a request to produce another piece was received... in this case, the Cheshire Cat.  I wanted to try and do something transparent, and also a bit stylised too.

After puzzling over it for a bit, I ended up making the sculpture from a mix of plastic packaging, a couple of bits vacuum-formed at work on a day off, a lot of acetate sheets (acquired from one of my old jobs when they were slinging boxes of the material, designed for overhead projectors, in the bin) and a bout 10 roles of sellotape.

The eyes and mouth were done on the laser cutter at work using scraps one lunchtime, and didn't come out quite as I'd hoped... they ended up looking a bit like a 1950's pair of specs for the eyes, and a mouth from Alien, but hey-ho.

Given the bad weather, and the lightweight nature of the piece, it was a little surprising how well it survived; expansion in the hot sunny weather caused it to inflate somewhat, it blew away in the wind, and a couple of bits dropped off and had to reattached, but it made it to the end of the show and beyond, surviving in the garden at home until this autumn.

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