Tuesday 10 October 2017

Jabberwock Pt.32: Process

Part of the business of showing the Jabberwock, involved contributing a small selection of the development of the scjulpture in the Process Exhibition also being held on the site.

Obviously I coudlnt just bung the models on a table, so I started coming up with designs for some sort of display cabinet, but pressures on developing the actual sculpture meant I had to fall-back on a simpler solution, and use a set of home-made shelves which were surplus to requirements at work.

A selection of the models were chosen, and they were displayed alongside a design sketch, with a caption.

Having been test-setup at home, it was all shipped (dismantled) to Rydal Hall and rebuilt on-site, though it would need to be carried by Clare and helpers to the converted barn which would be the exhibition space, as I wouldn't be around for the opening of the show.

It all looked terribly good on the final display, and gave some idea to viewers quite what had gone into the build of the final sculpture.

Alongside the shelves, I also contributed the photoset (slightly tarted-up) with the final model.

All in all it was an interesting opportunity to display a little selection of the background to the build, and a nice space in which to show it all.

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