Saturday 25 May 2024

Llangollen Show 2024 (Garden Railway Saturday)

Hey, remember that dying hobby I'm a practioner of? Well, little evidence of that at Llangollen a couple of weeks ago, where we'd trekked down from The North for an exhibition...

The garden model railway show at Llangollen is held in the impressive surroundings of the Eisteddfod Centre just outside of the town centre, an impressive venue.  There are enough visitors to warrant parking on the field behind.

First sight on walking through the door; a very, very impressive Playmobil layout.

There's just an insane amount of things going on here.

Further in were the more traditional, scenic layouts...

...these being in 32mm gauge, but there was a good mix, and lots of trade too.

Speaking of which, I coveted this miniature Class 08.  If I had a garden big enough for a proper sit-on miniature railway, I'd love this...

I'd settle for this though, a gorgeous model of "Welsh Pony".

After lunch and a couple of laps, we headed into Llangollen itself, going the scenic route through the station.

The classic view over towards the station, as we strolled back, ice creams in hand.

Passenger service arriving.  Not many pictures of it, as it was a wedding train, and there were many, many people hanging around the station, sweating in their suits and toppers.

Back inside for another lap of the show, and a bit of shopping.

Speaking of which, I did end up spending quite a bit, so here's the traditional modellers 'look at all the pretty stuff I bought' shot.  I enjoy shows like this, as you tend to find the 'couple and their laser-cutter' cottage industries that have been killed-off in the smaller scales.  After a decade modelling in the garden in G, a possible house move (and various crises like building work) have seen the garden line scrapped, and the stock sold.  A change to a smaller 32mm line is on the cards, so this show was a good chance to acquire some bits for a fresh start in a new scale, quite exciting.  A steam loco from Boot Lane Works, a few wagons, some Mamod track, ans some tools and accessories.  

Thoughts?  I really like this show.  The venue is huge but well-lit, it doesn't feel cramped, decent refreshments, and a great mix of layouts to provide inspiration and traders to buy stuff off.  It was busy too, with a good mix of visitors of all ages (it's probably because garden railways encompass toys at one end and insanely-expensive miniature engineering at the other, a nicely broad spectrum).  So much for the dying hobby.  Anyway, more on the demise of my G-gauge line, and rebirth with an SM32 line, in due course (he threatens)...


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