Sunday 1 September 2019

We're Back...

Evening all.  So, 2017 was the last time I did anything with this blog eh?  Time to remedy that, with the aid of some slightly-badly-drawn comics...

Get ready for some clunky exposition and 4th-wall-breaking!

Alright, so not the most conventional of starts to a blog.  I've decided to relaunch this given the large amount of miniatures work I've done the last couple of years, and am continuing to do.

And the comics?  Well I used to contribute to a semi-autobiographical webcomic way back when, and it's been suggested that I restart it as a mindfulness/stress-relieving exercise.  Incorporating it into the model making blog seemed the best way of killing two birds with one stone; drawing the comic, and providing commentary on what otherwise would be dozens of pictures of gluing bits of wood and plastic together.  And yeah, none of my actual family were going to appear in it this time around, so Woof there (something of a mascot in my projects) will be doing the honours.

The art style will improve a bit- I drew the above without access to decent stationary, and was a bit out of practise.  An impending deadline forced me to rush a bit.  The plan is to have drawn elements and 3D backdrops and props.  With a bit of luck.

The comics won't intrude into the photos in the future ones, but sit alongside the pics.  And soon, the first 'proper' project will be going on soon, the Engine Shed...

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