Friday 26 August 2016

The Castle

I'm still in editing hell with some projects at the moment, so in the meantime, with nothing of my own to post, here is a few shots of a particularly impressive model by someone else seen recently whilst on a trip to Northumberland.  OK the shot above isn't the model, its the real Bamburgh Castle.  The model is the model-like think below.

The model is displayed inside, and it is lovely.  A rather more fulsome and detailed description (thanks to the blurb on the label) is that it was made by a Mister Andrew Smith of Carlisle (so a nice link to where I used to live), and it was displayed at Tullie House (the main museum there) before coming to the castle it was a model of.  The maker was a Foreman-Joiner, and the model is done beautifully from wood.

One of the good things about using an iPod camera was that I could get the camera in nice and close in on the model.

The level of detail is terrific, the crest over the arch is really nicely done.

And finally (due to dramatic backlighting) a slight Lord of the Rings atmosphere to this shot.

Some of my own work in the next blog, some work I did for the day job...

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