Sunday 25 March 2012

Old Project- Scary Louise (Cyberpunk)

Time for another break from Steampunk, and instead into Cyberpunk.

Back when I was in college, in a supporting environment with little to no bullying, my Nerd side had full reign, and I ended up wallowing around in a project that allowed me to get into Cyberpunk. There was a lot of meddling around with science fiction concepts and all sorts of related stuff, and whilst I cant quite remember what led me to this, for my final piece I decided to follow up a theme of modified humans being created from injured people to create a slave-race in some dark dystopian future. Yes, in hindsight I realise a) Cliché, b) I needed to get out more, and c) this is probably why I had such trouble picking up girls in my teens.

Moving along… Louise here (named for the brand of the incredibly tacky fancy-dress wig bought for the project) is a piece of sort-of lifesize sculpture, much to the annoyance of my parents whose loft this resides in whilst I live over a hundred miles away in my nice new house. The model is based around a polystyrene shop-dummy head bought from a beauty salon- my residing memory being of my annoyance at how much the woman running the shop charged me for it. Anyway, I bought the fancy dress wig, then made up a latex solution to create the flesh covering, and coloured the skin with acrylics. The basic ‘chamber’ was built with mountcard around a wooden frame, and other details were added with all sorts of bits of tat and electronic components from a broken computer found in a skip round the back of the college.

The final model was ok-ish, and got me a good mark from my slightly bewieldered lecturers, but a couple of years after the project I experimented a bit with still-life photos, and some creative lighting, and got some fairly decent (for the time and camera I was using) shots. I may at some point get around to tarting it all up and reshooting the pics, assuming that its still intact after 8 years in the loft… Or maybe a Steampunk version beckons, given that most of my other work at the moment revolves around Victorian scifi.

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